Why we hustle

Finding your hustle zone is like finding your passion.

No. Let me repeat that.

Finding your hustle zone IS finding your passion.

In order to produce great work, you need to believe that you’re doing something great. That’s the only way you’ll be able to push yourself to wake up every morning – inspired and driven.

But to be able to do that; to be able to believe in something great, you need to know your WHY. You need to know WHY you NEED to hustle.

WHY you WANT to hustle.

Most people would work hard for the money. I mean let’s face it – we need money. Because when we don’t get to earn, we don’t even get to do what we’re passionate about. We need money to build businesses. Heck, we need money to set up an operational blog that we can claim our own.

We need money to eat, to put a roof over our heads, and simply to survive.

Nothing comes in free. So if you find that your WHY involves money, don’t feel bad about yourself. WE ALL NEED IT.

I need it.

When I quit my 9 to 5, all I could think of was how will I make money. I was a Scrum Product Owner for a software and consulting company. I knew that the competition for software development-related jobs in the freelance market is very tight, and so I knew it would be hard.

So I tried out different opportunities. I did tutoring. I did Agile training and consulting. I did writing.

And then I landed a deal with a client who was willing to train me in digital marketing.


I started to learn a lot. I became hungry to learn more and even enrolled in digital marketing courses.

I began to want more. I began to dream bigger.

I got inspired by my clients, my mentors, and my environment and I found my brain being filled with ideas that I could NOT put away.

I had money. I mean not a lot, but enough to sustain my needs and to fuel my passion.

And here it is!

Meet my passion. My hustle zone – Hustle at Home Pro is born.

I am now more excited to share every day and incrementally build this concept up.

My WHY turned from sustenance to passion.

My WHY is now based on the desire to share myself and inspire people.

I want to inspire people to take action on their dreams. Hopefully, I could also get to guide people to start their careers from the comforts of their homes.

I can see that my concepts will continue to evolve. And so, I believe my WHY will also evolve.

But my WHY will always make me hustle.

My WHY will always make me dream big and act on my dreams.

And that’s what’s most important.

Your WHY can start small.

But once you find it; once you feel your hustle zone, make sure to let it grow.




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