A chill but productive workday at STKD Zeppelin

I love working at home. It lets me cut down my expenses and allows me to work even if I’m not all dressed up…or even if I haven’t even taken a bath!

But there are those times when I need to get out…especially when our property management office decides to have a total electrical shutdown, leaving me and my freelance business without choice.

So last November (I know this post is waaaay overdue) was one of those times and so days before the shutdown, I searched the net for a nearby co-working space.

I live in Mandaluyong near Pioneer Street and one of the joints that caught my attention was STKD Zeppelin.

A couple of days before actually going, I texted their hotline to see if I needed to reserve a slot and while ideal, they also accept walk-ins.

Their place is actually a tricycle and some brisk walking away from our condominium, but since I brought my freelancing gear with me a.k.a laptop + accessories and my camera, I opted to ride an Uber.

If you’re familiar with Kapitolyo and Pioneer, you probably know PC Mart. STKD Zeppelin is along the street (Brixton St.) at the back of PC Mart. If you’re a foodie and know Locavore in Kapitolyo, you’ll see STKD Zep in front of it.

So I went in, and boy was it a COOL joint!


The space behind the reception area. A nice spot for group discussions or meetings.

It was not your usual coworking space with tables and chairs and everybody worked their own butts off.


I’m not sure if I’m near the beach or just working.

The thing is, the owners of STKD Zeppelin are the brains behind StokedInc. – a lifestyle brand that caters to boardsports enthusiasts.

That’s why when you enter Zeppelin, you’ll feel the sporty vibe that the original StokedInc. brand wants you to feel – spunky, chill, and fun.


StokedInc. and STKD Zeppelin are actually sister companies…brother companies?


How chill can you get but still get sh*t done, right?

And that’s exactly what most creative people, especially the millennial workforce, would like to feel when they work. It was a great spot for me to work in and definitely a welcome change in environment for a work-at-home buddy like me.

Since I was going to stay for more than 4 hours, I booked the whole day rate which was at PhP 500. Their half-day rates are at PhP 300 and monthly at PhP 7000. You can also book a conference room for PhP 1000 per hour. These are introductory prices by the way, so best to check their Facebook page or message them for the rates.

There were a few people co-working at that time and a big group who booked the conference room. There were a lot of spots to take in.


Group meeting in one of the conference rooms


Lots of space for everyone

Each section will give you a different vibe but still offer that spunky-chill ambiance whichever you choose.



I actually changed spots thrice! I think it was the lighting or the cold…or maybe I just wanted to really try one of their snazzy couches.


I really like this couch!

One of the things I loved about STKD Zeppelin is their pantry. It’s one of those things that make you feel you work in an office. And sometimes even freelancers miss that feeling. So it was a delight for me to be able to walk to the water dispenser again and chat with someone.


Pantry feels!


Let’s drink to that? Wait, we need to work!

Plus, everyone gets free-flowing coffee! But I didn’t get any because I’m not really a coffee drinker. Good thing the lady manning the space that day was kind enough to offer me tea. 🙂


Ahhh! those tiny personal touches that make you feel at home. I got the mug from the pantry and had my free tea in it. 🙂

Another great thing about STKD Zeppelin was their internet connection.

You know when an online freelancer goes to a co-working space, the worst thing that could happen is a slow connection. That day I had a video conference with a client and I didn’t even encounter a glitch.

All in all, I loved staying working at STKD Zeppelin. It’s definitely one of the spaces I will recommend to my peers and a place I’d love to go back to.

Head on there if you want to experience a spunky-chill-fun workspace for a day!

STKD Zeppelin is located at 11 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Visit their Facebook page or contact 02-356-5162 or 0926-656-5714 for inquiries.


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