How I found the best social media marketing course

If you’re looking at starting a career at being a Social Media Marketer, chances are you’re scouring the web for the best social media marketing course that will catapult you to success.

Well, I wanted to be a Social Media Marketer so that’s what I did.

I hung out on Facebook groups for Social Media Managers. Observed. Read every piece of content someone would share. I stalked followed known Social Media Marketers everywhere until I got to find just the course I was willing to spend my money on.

In my opinion, this is the best social media marketing course in the Philippine market and can rival international courses as well. Social Media Academy is jam-packed with all you need to transform from a novice social media marketer into a world-class act.

I started out in the freelancing industry armed with what I know from my corporate experience. I was in the software development industry as a business analyst and a Scrum Product Owner for more than 7 years and so my initial freelance projects concerned Agile Scrum training and consultations.

I loved anything about Agile and Scrum, but I felt like I wanted to venture to something new and march into unknown territories…unknown to me that is.

I wanted to start a different career and I knew that digital marketing was the way to go.

Back in college (let’s not talk about what year :P), I knew of the Virtual Assistant world and got into oDesk. I was also hired by a VA company back then. I did mostly shady backlinking and content marketing. We used Ezine then and I was even recognized as an Ezine expert author.

Hindi siya ganun ka-glamorous as I want to sound! HAHA!

I mean, I know I could write some stuff well. So, I thought I could go back in easily, but it hit me hard!

The game has evolved so much that what I knew back then wouldn’t be enough for me to stand out.

And the game has evolved so much so that there are new areas and niches that could be tapped.

I wanted to get back in. I wanted to do digital marketing work full-time.

After a month of doing freelance work mostly on software development consulting, I luckily landed a client and did content marketing with them. Soon, I had other clients with whom I offered my content marketing services. I am also currently working with a client in the affiliate marketing niche.

I was slowly shifting from software development to digital marketing.


I was keen to broaden my skillset and wanted something more to offer my clients.

You know what great freelancers do?

They keep on LEARNING!

You see, when you’re a freelancer you strive to stay relevant. And learning new skills will be your best weapon to do so.

Given that I was already in the digital marketing niche, I scanned opportunities that I can tap further. I was H-U-N-G-R-Y to learn more.

Then *ding*!

The light bulb went on.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) was all a buzz and I saw I had the potential to develop my skills in this area.

But I needed to learn. I needed experience.

I got into Udemy courses, and sure they were helpful. But I was craving for more. I was looking for something that could not only teach me the basics but show me real-life SMM work so that I can make my prospects feel I’m not a novice in this arena.

I needed more insight. I needed an immersion. I needed the best social media marketing course out there to teach me what I needed to learn.

One Sunday morning, while going to the mall and browsing through Facebook, I read a post from Melissa Profeta, one of the founders of Social Media Academy. I read it because Nix Eniego was tagged in it, and I’ve been following Nix since I knew of him from the Manila Workshops Freelancer Fair 2017.

Mel’s promo post for the Social Media Academy was like a marquee sign and I knew I HAD TO GET IN.

Ganun ka-effective yung promo post ni Mel! Now that’s a great social media marketer 😉

Social Media Academy

Social Media Academy Logo. You know greatness when you see this!

So I enrolled right then and there and waited for the course to start.

On September 15, 2017, 140+ students were huddled in a Facebook group and Social Media Academy Batch 1 began. From Day 1 until it ended, content was pouring for all of us to devour.

The good thing about Social Media Academy is although it’s done virtually, it has the essence of classroom environment – lectures, assignments, hands-on practice, classmates, mentors. There was a time when I was already behind the lectures and assignments because they’re just A LOT to consume. And I’m saying this in a good way because I felt like I was getting more from what I paid for.

And that is the BEST thing about this course…


The lectures were so good and so comprehensive that by the middle of the first week, we all felt we were getting too much for what we paid.

The mentors will guide you through the major social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. And they will also give a flavor of the other ones like Pinterest and Youtube.

They will teach you the skills to become a world-class Social Media Marketer for each social media platform.


These gurus know how you should be adapting your styles based on the niche you are handling and the social media platform you plan to get into.

They will show you the tools they use, the strategies they apply, and the attitude they bring to their engagements.

And did I mention you’ll get LIFETIME access to ALL the modules and materials in Social Media Academy?

Yes, LIFETIME! So you don’t need to worry if you can’t digest all modules in at once because you can refer back to them when you need to.

And to cap all these great things off, you are taken by the hand by social media marketing experts – Nix Eniego, Melissa Profeta, and Valerie Deveza. These guys will not hold back their expertise and knowledge and will gladly share them with you.

So if you want to be a world-class social media marketer or if you are already a social media marketer and want to get better at what you do, then head on over to Social Media Academy‘s website and enroll.

But, wait…

How can you be sure if this course is for you?

Paying for anything as a freelancer means an arm and a leg for me. That’s why when I pay for something, I make sure it’s worth it and that I’m going to make the most of it.

So if you’re one who:

  • is keen to learn and determined to apply what you’ve learned to get results
  • is willing to try out new things
  • is open to feedback and suggestion
  • believes that Social Media is the Internet of the NOW and TODAY
  • believes that every business, no matter the industry, needs a social media presence
  • wants to become an effective Social Media Manager/Marketer

then YOU should definitely enroll in Social Media Academy.

And you know what? The skills you will learn from this course are not only for your future clients.

The skills you will learn can also help you enhance your branding on your own social media profiles.

You might even end up establishing a brand of your own and kickstart a business.

That’s what happened to me with Hustle at Home Pro! 😉

The only thing that was not so ideal for me was that the lectures (e.g. videos, docs) were distributed via Facebook in that it was a little difficult for me to search for the topics and to monitor my progress.

But hey, guess what? The succeeding batches of SMA are now in an actual online learning platform! So it’s even better. They still have the Facebook group going too so you can interact with your classmates and the instructors, ask questions, seek feedback on your work and just learn more!

You see, the instructors will seek to always improve and they do so because they regularly get feedback from the students.

If you’ve finished Social Media Academy, share your reviews in the comments below. If you’re interested to enroll and have a question, feel free to hit me up!


I have actually gotten more than my enrolment fee from ONE client alone right after I finished the course.

Social Media Audit

Doing a Social Media Audit for a health and beauty brand

It’s that effective!

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