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With more and more marketplaces growing to help Filipinos work remotely, landing an online job now only greatly depends on your skills, perseverance, and internet connection speed.

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I love working at home. It lets me cut down my expenses and allows me to work even if I’m not all dressed up…or even if I haven’t even taken a bath!

But there are those times when I need to get out…especially when our property management office decides to have a total electrical shutdown, leaving me and my freelance business without choice.

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If you’re looking at starting a career at being a Social Media Marketer, chances are you’re scouring the web for the best social media marketing course that will catapult you to success.

Well, I wanted to be a Social Media Marketer so that’s what I did.

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Where To Find Online Jobs In The PhilippinesHaving a successful freelancing career highly depends on how you market yourself.


You may be the best graphic designer but if you don’t get your portfolio out there, no one will know about you or your works. You may be able to whip up an engaging 2,000-word article in an hour but if you don’t know how to market yourself well, no one will know how much efficiency and value you can bring to the table.

Being a freelancer has its perks – the ability to expand your income streams, pursue something you actually love doing and have a better hold of your time to name a few.

But these perks don’t come for free. No. You have to work for them.

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…and what you can do to prevent them

You might be wondering:

Freelancers have got it easy. They manage their own time. They get to work with multiple clients if they want. They don’t have a boss.

Well, on the one hand, you may be right.

That is if that person has been through the 8 common mistakes every freelancer makes and learned to improve on them.

Freelancers don’t have it easy as most people think:

Compared to a regular 9-5 job where you just have to show up for work and do what’s on your desk or your to-do’s, freelancers need to ensure a consistent flow of work. And oftentimes, because they fear the instability of the freelancing business, they play it safe; thinking that it’s for their own good.

Those new to the freelancing industry are the ones most prone to commit the mistakes we’ll discuss on this post.

Knowing the 8 mistakes every freelancer makes will help you become aware of them and hopefully, avoid letting them happen…again.

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Cover letters are all about getting your prospect’s attention and establishing your value.

How many times have you sent out a proposal with a cover letter and you didn’t hear back from your prospect?

A lot?

That’s not surprising. Applicants often think that their freelancer profiles or resumes are enough to make their prospects want to get to know them better. So they give energy onto creating a massive profile with all their skills and projects they handled.

But before any prospective client or employer would read through your profile, they need to know your intent and suitability for the job.

And this can be found on your cover letter.

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Finding your hustle zone is like finding your passion.

No. Let me repeat that.

Finding your hustle zone IS finding your passion.

In order to produce great work, you need to believe that you’re doing something great. That’s the only way you’ll be able to push yourself to wake up every morning – inspired and driven.

But to be able to do that; to be able to believe in something great, you need to know your WHY. You need to know WHY you NEED to hustle.

WHY you WANT to hustle.

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