Agile SMM

Agile SMM stands for Agile Social Media Marketing.


Agile SMM is a framework; a planning tool that you can use to level up your social media marketing strategies and activities and in turn level up the engagement results you get.

Brand Assessment (1)

The framework covers Brand AssessmentVision and Goals PlanningCampaign Roadmap Planning, and the Brand Social Media Release Cycle that includes Content Preparation, Scheduling, Roll-out, Inspection, and Adaptation. All aiming to deliver a better-established brand on social media.

With Brand Assessment, Agile SMM will help you assess what platforms should you be focusing on and where your target market hangs out. If you already have existing social media accounts, we will show you how your engagement is doing and recommend ways to improve.

On Vision and Goals Planning, we discuss what your objectives are for your social media presence. We tie this greatly to your company or brand vision. Having a solid campaign vision will guide us through the Campaign Roadmap Planning stage where we outline the strategy we have for the upcoming campaign cycle or Brand Social Media Release Cycle.

The Brand Social Media Release Cycle will be composed of sprints, implementing the roadmap and continuously evaluating our progress towards your goals and objectives. Each sprint we will do Content Preparation, Scheduling, Roll-out, Inspection, and Adaptation. By constant inspection, we will know how to tweak and adapt our campaign based on your target market’s response and level of engagement.

Throughout the process, we keep constant communication with our clients to ensure that we are achieving what they want and need. The Agile values are very much in play in this concept. We aim to establish a relationship with constant collaboration and feedback from our clients. These are supported and achieved through various check-ins throughout the process.

You should have a voice in your social media strategy – and we will make sure your voice is heard. On the Inspection and Adaptation stages, we ensure to discuss with clients on next steps we will be taking for the brand. This promotes transparency and partnership.

All these lead to a better-established brand in the realm of social media and we want to do it for your brand or business.

Each stage can be delivered separately. So if you’re only struggling with one aspect, we could certainly offer consultation and strategy discussions for that aspect alone.

Businesses – ANY KIND of business whether traditional or digital – need to be present in Social Media. Why?

It’s because all the customers are there. Your target market is there!

Your next customer or client is spending at least 3 hours a day on their social media accounts.

That’s A LOT of time that you should be taking advantage of.

Your next customer is on social media.


Let Agile SMM show you how to do it.

For consultations, social media audits or collaborations, feel free to reach out to @agilesmm via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or just send me an email through our Contact Us page.

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